International Master’s Degree at University of Tampere


scholarship for International Master’s Degree at University of Tampere (UTA), Finland

The University of Tampere (UTA) is offering thirteen international Master’s degree programmes with studies starting in late August 2018.

Where: The University of Tampere (UTA), Finland

Degree program: Master study ranging from biomedical technology, business studies, computer sciences and cultural studies to political and social sciences and teacher education.

Number of scholarship: 13 scholarships

Application Deadline: January, 17th 2018

Nationality: For international Candidates

All of the international programmes are offered in English.

How to apply:
The Master’s degree programmes and application instructions can be found on the Admissions website.

Students coming from outside the European Union or the European Economic Area are usually subject to paying tuition fees. However, a substantial number of scholarships are available for the most talented fee-paying students.

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