Scholarship for Refugees

With our scholarship for refugees, we support talented young people from abroad who have fled to Germany and intend to live here permanently.

We believe that education is key to improve their living conditions. Hence we award scholarships to young, committed talents so that they can achieve a university degree or complete an apprenticeship in Berlin or Potsdam.

A full scholarship includes the funding of all tuition fees, accommodation in our in-house student flats and a monthly allowance for living expenses.

Since most refugees have to complete their school education in a foreign language (German) and cannot return to their home country, we have adjusted our application requirements for them. Refugees can already apply with a German grade point average of 2.5. A permanent stay in Germany is no obstacle for them.

While they are studying our scholarship holders initiate and implement social projects . After successfully completing their studies, we expect them to continue these projects and advance them through the skills they have acquired here. SBW Berlin assist with advice and mentoring.

Detailed information about our scholarship and the entire application and selection process can be found in our guidelines. Please read them carefully. If you fulfill the requirements and want to send us an application, please request our fillable PDF application form via email to Make sure to highlight that you are a refugee because we have already received many applications from other candidates and can not consider any more applications from non-refugees for the summer semester 2021.

Refugee Guidelines

Application Form


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