Strathclyde Business School Masters Scholarships for International Students


Candidates for all our Full Time MSc programmes in Glasgow will be automatically considered for these scholarships so no separate scholarship application is necessary.

The Scholarships will be awarded on merit, rather than financial need, to candidates who demonstrate in their Masters programme application excellent academic performance (current and/or previously gained); any relevant extra-curricular or professional experience and career development and who will contribute to the overall academic, cultural and experiential profile of the programme cohort.

Number of scholarships : up to 30

Value :  £7000

Opens :  5 December 2017

Deadline :  1 May 2018

Help with :  Tuition fees

There are two tranches of awards with deadlines of 28 February 2018 and 1 May 2018


This scholarship will be awarded on merit base.

Have to be a person who demonstrate excellent academic background

Have also had involve in extra-curricular or professional experience and career development.

Are applying and is accepted for an admission to Master program in the University

How to apply:

People who apply and accepted to the University for Full Time MSc programmes will be automatically considered for these scholarships without having further application.

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